Highly Specialised Translation Services: From Medical to Technical to Legal & Financial

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Specialist Medical Translation & Interpreting

Our database of translators and interpreters includes those specialising in medical terminology. Instant Translation offers quality translations of medical certificates; extracts from patient’s records; translations of medical test results; documentation of medical health insurance companies, as well as translation of medical literature and scientific articles in all areas of medicine; medical research results and experimental procedures; translations of instructions for drugs and drug research and testing results.

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Specialised Technical Translation

We offer high quality translations of the following technical documentation: safety statements; translations of user manuals; work books; translations of installation manuals; patents; translations of software manuals; translations of scientific materials; project feasibility studies and other technical documentation.

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Specialist Legal Translation of Documents

Legal translation requires specialist knowledge to ensure that there is no ambiguity in any of the target language. Getting the translation of a legal document wrong can cause confusion and a huge cost. Our team of translators have expertise and knowledge that enables them to provide 100% accurate translations. We translate any type of agreements, contracts, charters, memoranda, articles of association, other company formation documents. We also translate customs declarations, administrative documentation, legislation, patents, compliance documents, staff employment contracts, health and safety statements, wills and testaments, general terms and conditions, and any other legal texts. Instant Translation provides translation services for individual clients, legal practitioners, solicitors’ offices, corporate clients and judicial institutions.

Draft A Legal Document in Another Language

If you need to authorise an agent abroad to act on your behalf (to buy or sell your property, to apply for a duplicate of a document, to open a bank account or appoint someone to accompany your minor children during their trips abroad) we will be happy to assist you with drafting any legal documentation, including Power of Attorney; Wills; Deed polls or Consents in the required language. Instant Translation works in close cooperation with authorised legal practitioners.

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Translation of Financial Documents

Our expert translators specialising in financial matters are familiar with accountancy terminology, financial market and investment jargon. Instant Translation provides translations of marketing materials, including translations of advertising brochures; press releases; translations of online advertisements; sales promotion materials, as well as translations of business plans; accounting records; translations of audit reports; translations of financial reports and financial planning documents; translations of conference and exhibition materials and datasheets.

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