Halloween Costumes banned in Beijing, China.

While around the world the Halloween celebrations are bringing fun and sugar to all of us, in Beijing costumes have been banned at least in part of the city.

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Police in Beijing have warned people that the face arrests if they are in fancy dress inside the subway at any time today. The reason is the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit coming next month to the city. This is the highest profile event since the 2008 Olympics.

Due to strong security measures, including road closures and traffic control, the police is afraid fancy dress can cause panic and in places like the subway can be a cause for trouble. The government officials have allowed the police to arrest anyone who “upset the order” in the city these days. Although a strange rule in China, it is not the first time. During the 2008 Olympics people were not allowed to eat outside to give a “civilized” image of China to the outside world. In respect to Halloween, the celebration is not widely done in the country since the government frowns on superstition.

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