German Traces in Ireland: An App from the Goethe institute

App from the Goethe institute


If you are interested in tracing back any German roots planted in Ireland, the new interactive travel guide “German Traces in Ireland” can be an excellent tool for you. The app is created by the Goethe Institute in Dublin and it shows you traces in the Dublin area, along the “Wild Atlantic Way” and in other regions of the Republic.

The app, also available with a free download for your iPhone, not only shows places but also German people who were of great influence in Dublin. Events such as the premier of German composer Handle or Operation Shamrock are include in the app giving you historical details and places you can visit to learn more.

The app can be easily found on ITunes and is described as an “interactive tour guide for the Federal Republic of Germany’s globally active cultural institute.” The app is available in the different languages such as German, Hebrew, Portuguese and Swedish.

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