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Today, many businesses feel the global market is open to them through the ease with which companies can now have an online presence. In other posts, we’ve discussed how website localisation can aid you gaining customers or clients in non English speaking countries. If you’re targeting Russian customers, you need to have a website that is in Russian – it makes it easier for potential customers to understand and trust your business, but it also makes it easier for them to find you when using Russian search engines. We’ll look at this a little later on in this post. But we also want to look at the other needs for translation that can come as you do begin to win over non-English speaking markets, because suddenly, you need not only your website to communicate efficiently to them, but also any other marketing materials, necessary documents and forms, legal contracts and you may even need interpreters to work your customer care communication channels.

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Legal Translation Services

Big business means big responsibility, compliance, contracts and more. Your localised web presence has brought you to the attention of foreign investors or clients. Corporate interpreters have come to the big meetings, events and helped you show them around your headquarters and the city you’re working in. Now they want to sign up; time for everyone’s favourite thing – paperwork! Say for example you’re meeting with Chinese investors. It’s unlikely any contracts drawn up can only be written up in Chinese or only in English. Before you sign anything and before they sign anything, it’s crucial for both parties to understand fully what they’re looking at. Having a translation services company you can trust is vital.


Technical Translation Services

If you’re business is in an area that requires instructions for manufacturing among staff, standard operating procedures that need to be in lined with compliance for regulated industries, or even selling products that require instructions or a manual, expanding to non English speaking markets will mean you need to offer all of these within the various necessary languages too. Only certain specialist writers will be able to write up technical instructions in their native language, so one can understand how it would take a specialist translator to then translate them into other languages and remain compliant.


Medical Translation Services

Like technical translation, medical companies too will require specialist translation services. This is necessary not only for work instructions for people within the company to make sure everything is followed correctly, but also for customers purchasing the products.


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