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Belgium & the Arts, Book Burning at the Dublin Theatre Festival



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Looking for a little international theatrical experience inside Dublin? FromĀ October 8-11, 2014, check out the play, ‘Book Burning’ at the Dublin Theatre Festival. In this fascinating story, Pieter De Buysser tells the tale of a man he met at an Occupy demonstration with an amazing story that plays as a double edge sword.

The charming writer-actor De Buysser stands as an excellent story teller bringing us this political fable, seen even as a Utopian play.

Another fascinating part is that the play translates perfectly, even though it wasn’t originally in English. The original play was in Dutch, one of the languages spoken in Belgium, but somehow Pieter brings the same emotion and power without any of it getting lost in translation.

The play will be shown at the Project Arts Centre in Temple bar and tickets are still available. In the meanwhile visit to check our translation and professional interpreting services.

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