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Immigration in Ireland – A Look at 2014 with Outlook & Priorities for 2015

On the 26th of this month, Frances Fitzgerald T.D., Minister for Justice and Equality, published the annual review of immigration related activity in Ireland for 2014. The review provided key figures for 2014 as well as outlining priorities for 2015. Publishing the report the Minister stated, “Since my appointment as Minister for […]

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Irlanda en Español: A Tour guide of Ireland in Spanish

Irlanda en Español: A Tour guide of Ireland in Spanish If you are interested in visiting the whole of this emerald island, want professional guidance but English is not your strong language, check Irlanda en Español. This tour guide was founded by Spanish guide Margarita Gruber around the early 2000’s […]

Translator & Interpreter Tips: A Russian Photography Tour of Ireland

Tour Ireland offer guided tours for groups, VIPs, individuals and even offering special photography tours for those who really want to spend time capturing the scenic spots on the tour. Their specialised service also means you get the benefit of a guide, a translator and a driver in one great […]

Recently Moved to Dublin? Here’s a Great Way to Start Making Some Friends

Alone in Dublin? Websites with activities to make friends in the city. If you move recently to Dublin on your own, leaving friends and family behind, the city can feel a little overwhelming. Finding yourself in the weekends with nothing to do or not many friends to meet is always […]

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Translation Company Tips for Enjoying Dublin: Spanish Language & Culture Night

The Spanish Language and Culture Night, Dublin 6-10pm, September 19th   Interested in getting to know some of the different Spanish and Latin-American culture? El Instituto Cervantes is hosting fabulous event this Culture night in Dublin. You will be able to enjoy Tango and Flamenco dance presentations (with participants from […]

Translation Company Tips: Getting Your Irish Drivers License in Ireland

For a long time, many non Irish citizens who moved here were happy to drive with EU driving licenses not necessarily issued in Ireland. While this is still perfectly legal for licenses issued from many states, not holding and Irish drivers license may affect your insurance.   First things first […]

Recently Moved to Ireland? Translation Company Tips for Getting Your PPS Number

Getting your Personal Public Service number (PPS) in Ireland Your PPS number is a unique identifier for use in any transaction you may have with public bodies or persons authorised by these institutions to act in their name. It is created to allow offices to operate more efficiently with individuals. […]

Mindfulness & Tech Come Together in an Exciting Dublin Conference

The next few days will see Dublin play host to a very interesting kind of tech summit, the very first Europe based ‘Wisdom 2.0’ event.    16-18 September, Dublin Communication is likely one of the biggest area of advance in our lifetimes. Words speed across in the internet and phones […]

Translator Tips: Getting Multi-Cultural in Dublin with the Buena Vista Social Club

This weekend sees the arrival of the famed and amazing Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club to Dublin where they will play in the National Concert Hall on Saturday evening the 2nd of August. After 16 years thrilling audiences around the world, this will be their final tour to bid the […]