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Wednesday Web Tips – The ABC of SEO, Learn the Language of Online Marketing

Website localisation and content marketing go hand in hand. And while you may need a professional translator or translation company to take on the heavy lifting, there are lots of things you can do to begin and support the process yourself. Our ABC of online marketing language will help you […]

Wednesday web tips

Wednesday Web Tips: 5 Things Anyone Can Do To Help Improve Their Google Ranking

5 SEO TIPS ANYONE CAN INCORPORATE SEO is a process that has evolved greatly in the last few years. Thanks to Google’s constant updates, it’s become less about tips and tricks and more about what is really just best practice for your website, blog and business. In this post, we […]

Wednesday Web Tips: Beginning Your Online Marketing in 3 Steps

As a translation agency, we’re always working with languages, which means we’re always thinking about communication – the very pin point of what marketing is. If you haven’t considered your ‘web strategy’ or online marketing strategy yet, maybe you haven’t even set up a Facebook page or begun investigating how […]

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