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Global Language Translation Software Market 2014-2020: Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts

Research and Markets has announced the addition of a new report entitled “Language Translation Software: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020 “. Smart phones are the latest market driver for software language translation and enterprises have to make websites user friendly in every locality. Globally integrated enterprises generally have […]

A Quick Translation Tip for Localising Your Website Content for Visitors

Having your website professionally translated into multiple languages by a translation company is a great idea, however, it does of course entail costs you might not be ready for if you’re a small business, just starting out or only targeting a local area. If you’re aiming for a bigger, broader […]

Translation, Communication & Tech at the Dublin Web Summit 2014, 4-6 November

The translation industry is becoming increasingly advanced both in technology and requirements and scope as our world becomes increasingly global and international communications become more common and more crucial to both businesses and the consumer. Translators and marketers alike need to stay up to date with the world-wide-web and where […]

Going Global: Translation Services for Multilingual Content Marketing

Global or International SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essentially, and ironically, not making your content and website appeal to a larger audience directly – but tailoring it for various smaller audiences. In marketing, this is often referred to as a localisation of your content and marketing efforts.   If you […]

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Website Localistaion through Professional Translation Services

Why online localisation is a little like the cakes at your local bakery! WHAT IS WEBSITE LOCALISATION? Website localisation (or localization) is a process whereby a website is built or adapted to suit a specific geographic area. If you think about this in real life terms with physical shops or […]

Translation News: Twitter the Expert Translator

Twitter users inadvertently improve automated translations Just in time for the final stages of the world cup, some smart researches involved with machine translation work and research in relation to translation, came a with a novel way to improve their service through the wisdom of the crowd. Analysing tweets during early […]

Wednesday Web Tips: Making Twitter Enjoyable as an Online Marketing Tool

When it comes to twitter, people can be divided into three groups; those who use it constantly for work and pleasure because they enjoy it and get a lot from what it offers, (and who also give a lot by helping others) those who send out tweets for promotion, but don’t […]

Ecommerce; Global Expansion and Translation for Localised Web Content

If you have on online business and you’ve been considering expansion into other markets, this could be the perfect year to start looking at Russian and French markets. Though frequently overlooked by UK and Irish businesses, Russia actually has the highest number of internet users in Europe. And according to one […]

Wednesday Web Tips: Using Tags Well to Optimise Your Blog Posts

One thing Google and other search engines need to know in order to show your content to Googlers and searchers, is What is Your Article About? In previous articles on content marketing and website localisation, we’ve looked at how using the right language, words and professional translation of content can […]