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The Importance of Specialised Medical Interpreter & Translators

Medical Translators & Interpreters of Vital Importance to Patients   Dr. Anarella Cellitti, a faculty member at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock faculty member, has recently notes that it’s just as important to protect the rights of non-English speaking hospital patients as it is for those involved in […]

Translator Conference: ‘Translating Voices, Translating Regions Conference Series’, UK

From the 2nd until the 4th of October, Durham University will host the fourth International ‘Translating Voices, Translating Regions’ conference. Invited speakers for the event include Erik Hertog; Lessius University College, Barbara Moser-Mercer; Université de Genève, Yasuhide Nakamura; Osaka University and Christina Schæffner from Aston University. Along with these brilliant minds, roundtable translation conference speakers […]

Translation News: New Yelp App for iPhone to Translate into 15 Languages

Popular business review site Yelp allows users to list businesses and post reviews. It’s a handy way to check out new places near you or in a place you’ve just moved to. But if you’re using it whilst travelling and reviews are in a language you don’t speak, translating it […]

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The Life of a Professional Translator & Benefits of Working in Translation

Initially, the idea of working in professional translation may not appeal to everyone. You imagine it being a process where there is a lot of studying, an awful lot of practice and a long time spent pouring over individual words and phrases to get to grips with language nuances, what the author or document […]

Translation News: Kurdish Language Gets Synchronised for Business Communications

The Kurdish languages are several spoken by the Kurds in western Asia. The Kurdish languages, of which Kurmanji Kurdish has the largest number of speakers, are not mutually intelligible – meaning speakers of one dialect may not understand another, much like the many dialects of Arabic, which can pose problems when it comes to business communication across numerous Kurdish dialects […]


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Highly Specialised Translation Services: From Medical to Technical to Legal & Financial

Find out more about our specialised translations services offered through our main site, Specialist Medical Translation & Interpreting Our database of translators and interpreters includes those specialising in medical terminology. Instant Translation offers quality translations of medical certificates; extracts from patient’s records; translations of medical test results; documentation of […]

Get Innovative with the Dublin Business Innovation Centre

The Dublin BIC (Business Innovation Centre) is a public-private business support organisation that works with state agencies and private sector investors to support entrepreneurs to build the next generation of Irish businesses. Running for over two decades, Dublin BIC’s business consultants have shared their experience, knowledge, resources and passion to the benefit business […]



Becoming a Certified Translator in Ireland

Looking for a translator? Professional translation company Instant Translation offer certified translation and experienced interpreters for a variety of business, travel and leisure situations. Get a quote here > In today’s cosmopolitan world, many individuals grow up learning to speak more than one language fluently; whether as a result of growing up in a bilingual […]

Professional Translation Agencies & The Damage of Choosing the Wrong One

Translation services and interpreting services are of prime importance to many businesses and organisations operating or trading internationally. Nothing functions without communication, it’s not an option. And as misunderstandings happen between people speaking the same language as each other every day, in our general life as well as in the […]


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Document Translation Services for Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

Today, many businesses feel the global market is open to them through the ease with which companies can now have an online presence. In other posts, we’ve discussed how website localisation can aid you gaining customers or clients in non English speaking countries. If you’re targeting Russian customers, you need […]