Translation & Technology Tips: The Best Translation App for iPhone and Android

Communication is the heart of translation and interpreting for different language. And professional translators are well accustomed and qualified to providing this meaningful service as their job. But what do you do when you’re doing your best to communicate with a new friend from a different country with a different […]

Mindfulness & Tech Come Together in an Exciting Dublin Conference

The next few days will see Dublin play host to a very interesting kind of tech summit, the very first Europe based ‘Wisdom 2.0’ event.    16-18 September, Dublin Communication is likely one of the biggest area of advance in our lifetimes. Words speed across in the internet and phones […]

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Translation News: New Yelp App for iPhone to Translate into 15 Languages

Popular business review site Yelp allows users to list businesses and post reviews. It’s a handy way to check out new places near you or in a place you’ve just moved to. But if you’re using it whilst travelling and reviews are in a language you don’t speak, translating it […]

Ireland’s No.1 Forbes Ranking for Countries to do Business in

In a Forbes survey from December of last year, Ireland ranked number one as a place to do business, despite the economic troubles we’ve seen in recent years. The survey, which ranks Ireland as the best place in the world to do business measured innovation, technology, monetary freedom and red […]

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Translation Technology News: Skype Translator – Would you use it for an important online meeting?

Skype Translator Skype are all set to launch a service called ‘Skype Translator’. While other similar technologies already exist, such as Call Interpreter by Lexifone, the service from Skype will make it more accessible and available to more people. It will work in a similar way to interpreter technologies that have […]

Wednesday Web Tips: Making Twitter Enjoyable as an Online Marketing Tool

When it comes to twitter, people can be divided into three groups; those who use it constantly for work and pleasure because they enjoy it and get a lot from what it offers, (and who also give a lot by helping others) those who send out tweets for promotion, but don’t […]

Ecommerce; Global Expansion and Translation for Localised Web Content

If you have on online business and you’ve been considering expansion into other markets, this could be the perfect year to start looking at Russian and French markets. Though frequently overlooked by UK and Irish businesses, Russia actually has the highest number of internet users in Europe. And according to one […]

Translation Services for Websites: Are You Speaking Your Customer’s Language?

A recent article published on suggests that “nearly half of the world’s approximately 6,000 languages could die out by the end of the century, with 96 percent of these languages spoken by a mere four percent of the world’s population.” [Source] According to the article, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), […]