Campaign to Create Awareness for Endangered Languages 


The “Lift Off with Language,” campaign was developed by The Student Language Exchange (SLE), a non-profit run by American students. The objective is to “foster a dialogue around linguistic diversity on American college campuses”, such as those of Native American origin.

They want to ask, “What language do you want to learn next? And Why?” and also want to look at where you want to be in five years time and how language can help you get there.

“SLE is partnering with, the educational tech startup that helps users learn a language while browsing the web, and Mango Languages, the leading provider of language-learning resources in North American libraries, as sponsors of the contest. Winning entries, which will be announced in December, will receive prizes such as cash awards, a one-year free subscription to Mango Languages for their entire school, and the opportunity to help choose the next language. Submissions are accepted via SLE’s contest website and are open to all who are over 18-years-old and are attending an accredited institution in the U.S. Contest judges include the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages, a group that creates audio dictionaries for indigenous languages around the world that are on the brink of disappearing.”

Do you speak more than one language? Maybe even and endangered one? This concept may even resonate with may Irish speakers. What languages do you speak? Let us know in the comments – maybe you could even post the comments in Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese or the numerous other language you might communicate in!

Find out more about the campaign here >

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