Brazilian Embassy Notice for Minors Travelling to Ireland

Brazilian Minors Travelling to Ireland Advised to Bring Authorisation Signed By Parents/GuardiansScreen Shot 2014-10-07 at 15.09.52

Travelling – it doesn’t half come with a lot of paperwork does it? Especially when travelling outside of your own continent. Needing to know the language somewhat, not to mention how to get around and what you’d like to see and do while staying there – all in all, it’s quite the effort. But there is little more exciting and interesting and educational, than travel. The best way to enjoy it – be as prepared as possible before travelling to or moving to your new destination.

Today the Brazilian Embassy in Dublin issued a notice about minors travelling from Brazil to Ireland to help you or your kids/nieces/nephews etc. prepare, especially if they’re travelling on their own.

“While the Republic of Ireland does not officially request that written authorisation be given to minors travelling by themselves or in the company of only one of the parents or legal guardians, the Embassy of Brazil advises Brazilian nationals to bear such authorisation letters or forms as an immigration check may occur at any given time at any port of entry into or upon departure from Ireland.

Moreover, Brazilian law requires that minors travelling in these circumstances must bear a written authorization signed by both parents or legal guardians when leaving Brazil, so in the particular case of Brazilian minors, who ordinarily reside in Ireland and may travel to Brazil on occasion, such an authorization will be necessary when leaving Brazil in order to return to Ireland.”

Find more details, updates and news from the embassy online here. The site is offered in both English, for Irish people travelling to Brazil and in Portuguese, for those travelling from Brazil to Ireland.

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