All out Brazilian Party in Dublin – Brush Up On Your Portuguese

It´s Friday! If you don’t have any plans and are looking to know more about the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture, I have just the party for you.

Brazilian Portuguese


Dublin based party organizer Aldeia Da Musicawill be hosting the event including live music, Dj´s with great Brazilian and Latin music and a relaxed atmosphere. The party will be at Break for the Border at Stephen street lower, Dublin 2.

The cover charge is just 3 euros until 11pm and 5 euros for the rest of the night. You can find the event at their Facebook page under Aldeia Sextaneja. The party starts at 9pm and will end at 3am when hopefully you will be fully immersed in the Portuguese language and dancing!

If the above is not the case, and you’re looking for a more official side to the Portuguese language and on your arrival into Ireland, or travels to Brazil, we can help you with the document translations; as well as interpreter services. Find out more about translation services in Dublin >

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