African Films Screenings in Ireland: The Dublin African Film Festival

The Dublin African Film Festival


Dublin Africa Film Festival (DAFF) began in 2011 as a film festival that showcases ethnic African lifestyles.  It is an annual festival to showcase the work of filmmakers and a celebration of the vibrancy and potential of African artists, producers and directors. It is our aim to develop new audience for the Irish entertainment industry. For DAFF the organization of cultural events means to address the communication gap between societies and the opportunity to enjoy diversity in Ireland whilst promoting cultural awareness.

Every year DAFF acknowledges the works of many directors, producers and artists promoting the image of Africa in Ireland as well as supporting social justice and equality. The work of the festival also attracts new audiences and many international guests all of whom recognize the great work being done in the name of art, culture and diversity. Films are screen in different languages such as French, English, Portuguese and others. If you are interested in their work, you can check past screenings and more info on

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