A Quick Translation Tip for Localising Your Website Content for Visitors

Having your website professionally translated into multiple languages by a translation company is a great idea, however, it does of course entail costs you might not be ready for if you’re a small business, just starting out or only targeting a local area.


If you’re aiming for a bigger, broader market for your products or services, it’s advisable to get professionals on the case. Using translation apps like Google Translate to create sites in different languages could actually do more harm than good. People tend to trust sites with good grammar, correct spellings and a tone of voice that is suitable to your particular brand. This is something translation software definitely can’t do. And for a first time visitor, establishing trust is one of the most important things to achieve, especially if you’re an ecommerce site.

However, you can offer a handy tip. Advise visitors to use Chrome as their browser as it will automatically offer to translate website content to their own language. While what the translation offered by Chrome won’t be exact, they at least understand that this is a quick offering and could be less likely to judge errors, as they understand it’s technology doing it’s best, not a spammy site with untrustworthy payment options!

Add a line in to your site in various languages, or with flag icons indicating language and have this tip translated by translation companies you know and trust. They’ll get the tone right and as you expand your market, you can go back to them to translate some more pages or entire sites specifically.

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