A heritage like no other: Irish Jewish Community


The Irish Jewish community is an organisation focused on supporting the Jewish-Irish groups in Ireland as well as promoting Ireland’s history in relation to Israel. This community is comprised of 3 big organizations: Dublin Hebrew Congregation, Dublin Jewish Progressive Congregation and Machzikei HaDas (in the Hebrew language: “those who reinforce the law”.) Furthermore they support the Holocaust Education Trust Ireland, the Chevra Kedusha (holy burial ground) among others. The organisation has also several publications relating to Irish and Jewish connections in music, books and known figures in Ireland.

In relation to History, you will find the long standing influence of Jews in Ireland all the way to 1709. In their website you will find more information on the Irish Jewish Museum, their contents, admission and opening hours. A news centre is also included in the Irish Jewish Community website to report an all events and happenings within the Jewish community within the Emerald Island.

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