Immigration in Ireland – A Look at 2014 with Outlook & Priorities for 2015

On the 26th of this month, Frances Fitzgerald T.D., Minister for Justice and Equality, published the annual review of immigration related activity in Ireland for 2014. The review provided key figures for 2014 as well as outlining priorities for 2015. Publishing the report the Minister stated, “Since my appointment as Minister for […]

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Top Translation Stories in the News This Week

Translation stories making headlines this week seemed to include a great spectrum of stories from current, exciting technologies that spring us into the future and remind us of the types of things we might have seen in sci-fi futuristic films in our younger years, to translations of or from the […]

Real Time Translation Chat App To Be Created by Google?

Real Time Online Translation & Messaging App? Google, the giant of the internet world is always trying to find new ways to make our lives easier and more accessible when it come to online, apps, search, emails and more. It’s in their interest, in return, they get to collect a […]

Translation, Language & Culture Tips: Kurdish Food in Dublin

Kurdish Food in Dublin, Ireland The Kurdish people are spread between Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. Because of the turmoil of the past years in these areas, many Kurds leave their home to find a better life in the west. Ireland is one of their destinations and we now have […]

Meet the Germans:A Blog Exploring Germans and German Society

Meet the Germans: A Blog about… Germans The Goethe Institute for German culture supports an interesting blog called “Meet the Germans” with the aim of “to explore what’s typical of Germany and German society. We’ll introduce people in different walks of life and try and find out what lies behind […]

Russian Irish Film ‘Anya’ By Brown Bag Productions

Anya: A Russia with Love and Brown Bag Productions Short Film The Irish charity To Russia with Love and the animation company Brown Bag productions produced this year the award winning short film Anya. The film, of a mere 5 minutes length presents the work of the charity through the […]

The Greek Community of Ireland, Dublin

Greece in Ireland The Greek Community of Ireland – based in Dublin – is the main association of the Greek Irish community, which is estimated to be 800 strong.   The Irish-Hellenic Association – active for 40 years now – regularly organises Greek cultural events. In Ireland, Ancient Greek language […]


Medical Interpreting: International Congress Event Opens for Registration for Interpreters

International Medical Interpreters Association Event The IMIA International Congress on Medical Interpreting will take place on April 24th – 26th 2015 in Washington DC in the US and apparently the dates were selected to coincide with the Cherry Tree Blossom Season! The International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) is an umbrella association […]